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Our School

At Apricot Valley, our Teachers and Staff are committed to providing a safe, stable and nurturing academic environment where every student has the opportunity to persevere & reach their potential. We will provide opportunities for ongoing growth both academically & socially, for our students & ourselves.

Apricot Valley Elementary Focus:




Ensure excellence in education and cultivate healthy, contributing citizens!




The Apricot Valley Community is dedicated to guiding students towards becoming lifelong learners and fulfilled members of society.




Every student will be provided the opportunity to be successful in developing their character and academic excellence.




At Apricot Valley we are committed to maintaining a school culture in which every student will receive a quality education.


School Hours:  7:55 am -2:40 pm 

Every Wednesday is early release: 7:55 am -1:30 pm

 Please note, tardy bell rings and gate closes at 8:00 a.m.